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Level: Mid-level Openings: 1



ISSCO is the latest addition of companies in the ISS group. It is the BRAND behind successful projects, solutions and products created, delivered and maintained by ISS Consult. ISSCO focuses on Romanian, East-European and West-European markets, delivering innovative technologies by combining the proven experience and success stories of more than 10 years in worldwide ICT Development. Through a powerful partnership and long-term collaboration with innovative ICT partners, we provide expertise, develop passion and grow technology and people.


About the company

The company delivers full stack container monitoring, optimized for large production environments, and powered by anomaly detection. It aims to help developers and DevOps engineers take the headache and cost out of performance monitoring.


About the project

The lightweight platform is optimized specifically for container and micro services environments and offers a full-stack view which integrates with Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift in production. Full stack refers to a combination of front and back-end application components, as well as the infrastructure layer underpinning it all. Unlike other DevOps tools This company’s platform offers fully automated anomaly detection and event integration from deployment to marketing tools.


Job description

  • Install and configure various servers (Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Oracle, RabbitMQ, nodejs, HAProxy, etc.)
  • Implement data and logs acquisition plugins from servers and third-party (Google Analytics, Amazon, Maichimp, Pingdom, Sentry)
  • Designing and working with REST APIs
  • Message brokers: RabbitMQ / Kafka (basic/mid-level)


Main technologies

  • mid-level Go
  • mid-level Java
  • basic Javascript


Other technologies; a plus, not mandatory:

  • Bash (basic)
  • SQL (basic/mid-level)
  • DB: PostgreSQL (basic/mid-level)
  • Docker (basic/mid-level)
  • Kubernetes (basic/mid-level)
  • Jenkins (basic/mid-level)
  • Linux (mid-level)
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Agile
  • Azure
  • Unit testing
  • Squish testing (seldom)


If interested, please send your CV to: jobs@issco.ro.